Excuse me While I Prepare my Cork Board, Thumb Tacks, and Strings of Yarn

The meta-battle royale between the battle royale games is heating up. With Apex Legends making a big splash on the scene, Call of Duty has an Activision-sized presence, Fortnite is still a big thing, even Tetris has its own BR game, and PUBG is still hanging around somewhere, the Battle Royale genre is getting full. In an effort to stay relevant and be the top dog of the genre, these games have to give players strong reasons to stick around. Call of Duty Blackout may have something up its proverbial sleeve.

Call of Duty Blackout

Fortnite constantly changes the play space for players. Activitions may be taking a page out of Epic’s book by doing something similar. Mysterious items have been added in the latest Black Ops 4 update. Most of these small changes could easily be missed, but some people have taken notice and theories have began circulating in the community. For instance, surveying stakes have been found in certain areas of the map. If you don’t recognize what those are, they are little wooden markers with coloured tags on them, usually marking a dig or future construction site. A Redditor posted an image of these stakes, which led to some fans mocking what a “huge change” those markers are. The official Treyarch account responding with a simple “Interesting…” What are you hiding Treyarch?

The markers are not the only hints players have picked up on. A lollipop decoration from the Black Ops 2 map Buried has been found laying around. A clock from the Black Ops 3 map Outlaw, as well. In a more direct tease, a video/image was tweeted by Call of Duty with the caption “Here’s the plan…”

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Source: Kotaku