25 Billion Hours Of Play Time Really Adds Up

If you take the total amount of hours that gamers have sunk into Call of Duty as a franchise then it would add up to 2.85 million years. Which is longer than homo sapiens have been on this earth by quite a sizable margin. The Call of Duty series first launched in 2003 during the WWII shooter craze of the early 2000s. Since then it has launched 16 separate titles on numerous generations of consoles as well as mobile devices. Needless to say, it has been a major hit so far.

Call of Duty 2020

The Twitter account UberFacts let us all know this staggering fact earlier this morning. The oldest remains of modern human beings are only roughly 200,000 years old. Call of Duty fans have really outdone themselves. If you were to allocate these hours to every human on earth today, everyone would have played 3.6 hours of Call of Duty. Even your Grandma.


Despite what you might think of the franchise today, there is no denying that Call of Duty has played an enormous roll in shaping the modern FPS. Not to say that there weren’t other games that played their part, but COD has been the series leading the charge in many respects. The Call of Duty brand is one of the most recognizable around the world. Chances are that people who have never played a minute of video games in their lives have heard of the FPS juggernaut in one way or another.

This newfound fact could be interpreted in many different ways, but it does show how undeniably influential video games have become as a medium within a relatively short amount of time. This power over the popular culture is only growing too. Video games are currently the most profitable industry in entertainment.






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Call of Duty Has Been Played Longer Than Humans Have Existed