When The Single-Player Storyline Ends, It’ll Be Time to Call Friends

Infinity Ward, the developer behind the latest installment in the legendary Call of Duty franchise, is trying to branch away from the “stylized, graphic novel, super-hero experience” of the predecessors. One of the ways that they are doing this is through omitting zombies from the game. Another way is through changing how players will experience the storyline, both in single-player and cooperative modes. While not a lot of details are yet available regarding the game’s co-op mode, Infinity Ward is having the single player story lead directly into the co-op story.

Call of Duty WWII - article

According to Jacob Minkoff, the director in charge of the main campaign, “Knowing that we needed to keep it more similar across the different modes, we decided to really lean into that, and make it completely continuous.”

Minkoff then expanded on this, saying “… the single-player storyline goes directly into the co-op storyline. No stop. The events just continue”. This is a stark departure from the previous co-op modes. In 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 co-op mode, two players work together in order to fend off waves of enemies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is really trying to do something new. Although, you may not realize that at first glance considering Infinity War is reusing a previous titles’ name. Regardless, if what Minkoff said holds true, fans will have a lot of different content to explore.

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