Don’t Worry, They Love That Game

While it might seem like Capcom is wiping the slate clean regarding Devil May Cry 5, this is not the case! Rather, it seems like they see DMC as a separate venture altogether. Part of this could be due to a different company developing it, but Capcom is still looking to keep these two games on more or less distinct timelines.

Devil May Cry 5 Rumors dmc

According to Matt Walker, a producer at Capcom, “this isn’t a slight at Ninja Theory or DmC at all. We all love DmC.” Hideaki Itsuno, the Director behind most of the Devil May Cry series, has also been adamant about the inherent value of DMC. For him, “DmC is just as important as any of the other titles in the series.”


I was under the impression, especially after seeing the trailer, that some slates were being wiped. However, it’s refreshing to know that Capcom is keeping DmC in mind while developing the next entry in the series. After all, Ninja Theory had some good ideas. Whether or not the fans are united on this issue, it looks like Itsuno has “taken what he’s learned from working on DmC” and applied it to Devil May Cry 5. Perhaps not everyone will be on board with this, but I for one am pretty psyched to see what will result from a union of Capcom and Ninja Theory design philosophies.