Remember Haunting Ground, Capcom’s obscure survival horror game on PlayStation 2?


Oh, okay.

Haunting Ground was a 2005 PS2 game from Capcom that was rumored to have begun development as a Resident Evil prototype. Capcom is dredging up these memories by giving Cammy a crossover costume of the game’s protagonist, Fiona, to be earnable through the game’s extra battle mode.

The survival horror title put Fiona in a castle with a dog partner named Hewie, who comes to listen to her commands and befriend her over the course of the game. The game was…problematic, but decidedly unique, especially in the way it depicted sexual horror regarding the dangers surrounding Fiona.

Capcom’s crossover costumes for Street Fighter V never quite dive this deep, so it’s interesting to see that they remember Haunting Ground, or maybe someone on the Street Fighter V live team just really liked her costume. With Capcom’s focus on looking into their back catalog for games to bring back as remakes and remasters, maybe someone is pushing Haunting Ground internally.

You can start earning the first part of the costume on August 30.

Capcom Remembers Haunting Ground Exists With New Street Fighter Costume