In an interview with, Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner talked a little bit about Capcom’s transforming policies over the last few years. While the assumption is that all publishers want is a game that sells well, Capcom is trying to challenge that notion, at least internally.

“And in some respects, getting some very good review scores counts as much for Capcom as a game that sells millions and millions and millions,” Turner told the outlet. “We’d prefer a game that got a 9 and sold less, than got a 6 but sold more. While we have shareholders to appease, it’s not just about commercial performance.”

It’s probably a win-win for Capcom, as games that review well also tend to sell really well. As evidenced by Capcom’s emphasis on their Platinum listing, a list of games that have sold over a million since their release, the company tends to focus on the long term sales of games over the first day. Emphasizing quality likely helps them achieve more long term successes rather than fewer large successes.


Capcom Says They Would Rather Have More Critically-Acclaimed Games Than High-Selling Ones