I’m coming in with high expectations for next year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, and that sentiment extends to the costumes as well. Capcom recently captured short clips of the bonus outfits for Leon and Claire that are bundled with the deluxe edition of the game, but today, we’re looking at unlockables.

It’s good news across the board. This particular video is an altogether better showcase, and the classic costumes themselves look swell. They aren’t exact reproductions of the original Resident Evil 2 designs, but they still capture the spirit of 1998. Also, they’re not DLC! You’ll unlock these in-game.

Barring some other even-cooler unlocks (fingers crossed!), I plan on using both of these costumes. They make Leon and Claire stand out against the gloom and doom in a way that I’m really fond of.

Capcom shows off Resident Evil 2's unlockable classic costumes screenshot

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Capcom shows off Resident Evil 2’s unlockable classic costumes

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