Possibly One of Capcom’s Biggest Dev Teams

Game development is not easy, but when you want a project done, you do take Ubisoft’s path and throw a bunch of devs at it. Capcom did just that with Resident Evil 2, their reimagining of the classic horror survival game.

In Japan, an NHK broadcast recently dropped some info about Capcom and their top video game project. Within that wave of knowledge, we learned that the team on Resident Evil 2 is comprised of 800 devs. Obviously, that says plenty about the production quality. But according to Alex Aniel, a fan who’s penning a Resident Evil history book, that’s 200 more devs than the team that worked on Resident Evil 6.

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“The most notable tidbit from last week’s Capcom NHK broadcast is that there were a whopping 800 (eight-hundred) people on  remake’s development,” Aniel wrote on Twitter. “That includes programmers, photogrammetry models, mo-cap, etc. That’s more than the roughly 600 who worked on RE6.”


For some perspective, Sony’s acclaimed studio Naughty Dog has somewhere between 200 and 300 devs, last time I checked. Guerilla Games, the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn, recently expanded their studio to 400 devs. Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED, rallied 300 devs to build Cyberpunk 2077—before they acquired a new studio in Wroclaw.

Considering the nature of this game, which is apparently not a remake, the size makes sense. This iteration of Resident Evil 2 utilizes the foundation of the original game but doesn’t mimic the exact same story beats. For Capcom, the game is more a reimagining, which they sort-of detailed back at Comic-Con.

Is the size of the Resident Evil 2 team a reassurance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: ComicBook.com



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