The Star of This Sunday’s Community Day is the Water Starter That Launched A Thousand Bubbles

Following the long-awaited addition of friends lists and trading this past month as well as the recent global challenges currently granting players a bunch of bonuses, Niantic has announced that this Sunday’s Pokemon GO Community Day will revolve around everyone’s favorite water starter Squirtle, and he’ll be showing up in style to honor the vicious gang he used to run with.

Pokemon Go Squirtle

Fans of the anime will recognize Squirtle’s fresh look as that of his days in the Squirtle Squad, a ragtag gang of ne’er-do-well Squirtles who bothered the townsfolk and committed acts of vandalism before Ash taught him how to love. Squirtle takes off his shades and joins Ash on his adventures, though he dons them every now and then when it’s time to unleash watery-whoopass on those unfortunate enough to come between him and his money the safety of his friends.

Pokemon Squirtle Squad
Pictured: Squirtle on his way to do hoodrat stuff with his friends.

It’s still unknown if Squirtle’s evolutions, Wartortle and Blastoise, will also be wearing sick shades, or if players will still have a chance to encounter the Shiny variant, but they will know Hydro Pump, which will be exclusive to the Community Day event. The event will also increase lure time to 3 hours (the entirety of the event) and 1/4 egg hatch distance. It’ll run from 11am to 2pm PT/2pm to 5pm ET, or you can check for your respective time zone here.


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SOURCE: Pokemon Go