Chinese Developers Bring Their AAA Game to PS4

This past press conference in Shanghai, China (Chinajoy) came with several new trailers for new games on PS4. Of the games showcased, we received new footage for the highly anticipated Lost Soul Aside.

Lost Soul Aside

Time and again, Sony has landed a spotlight on their China Hero Project, an initiative to grant Chinese developers and their projects worldwide exposure. This translates to new games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, many of which were previewed at Chinajoy in Shanghai. Next to Lost Soul Aside, viewers were treated to new trailers for Project Boundary, Kill X, Hardcore Mecha, and Pervader. 


Of the games showcased, the only IP confirmed for this year is Kill X, which shall arrive this winter. Confirmed for 2019, we have Project Boundary, a space FPS whose central mechanic is 4-D movement. Hardcore Mecha and Pervader, on the other hand, have simply listed their releases as “coming soon.” Our hands-on time with Hardcore Mecha at PSX (Called Code: Hardcore at the time) allowed us to provide an in-depth preview that you can find here. Last but not least, there’s no release date in sight for Lost Soul Aside. Originally conceived by a lone developer, the game is currently being developed by UltiZero games using the Unreal Engine. You can find our PSX preview of Lost Soul Aside here.

Expect more updates on the China Hero Project as we near the release date for each individual title. In related news, the Chinese press conference also saw the reveal of another battle royale game, Farside.