The story of Chrono Trigger’s PC port is a tragic one. When the port first released, fans were extremely happy to play one of Square’s most well-loved classic RPGs on PC. That happiness soon became dissatisfaction as it quickly became apparent that the PC version of the game was not up to snuff. Square Enix promised to patch the game to working and satisfying order and, five major patches later, have finally decided the game is ready to go.

The final patch went live today, adding full keyboard and partial controller rebinding, along with some bug fixes. You can now use a keyboard with the game in whatever way you want or change around the face buttons on the controller as you see fit.

Now that Square Enix has patched this game up to relative quality, are there any other classics you’d like them to port to PC?


I wonder whether this whole experience will encourage Square Enix to get it right the first time or whether they will even bother at all next time. Hopefully they realize that ports should involve care to tailor them for the audience, even of older back catalog games.

Chrono Trigger On PC Has Gotten Its Final Update