The Ambiguous Tweet Suggests the New Card Relates to Ships

The official Clash Royale twitter account is suggesting the new card will involve some sort of aquatic element. In a mysterious tweet, Clash Royale shows a picture of an anchor with a caption that includes an emoticon of an anchor. Not a lot of further details are yet forthcoming.

The caption also includes a rather juicy teaser as to what powers this new character will have. The tweet reads “Like Ram Rider, this new Legendary character will be bringing a unique mechanic to Clash Royale”. Ram Rider is a very unique card that is extremely speedy, automatically rushes the nearest tower and uses a ranged attack. These features are individually present in other cards, but the strength of the Ram Rider is its ability to combine all of these traits. With this in mind, the Clash Royale tweet suggests the new legendary card may follow suit this pattern, combining existing powers into one mega character.

The marine element may also suggest a different type of usability. Fans of Clash Royale know that a river runs in the middle of the map with a bridge on either side offering passage. This new legendary card may be the first to have the ability to sit on the water. If this is the case, it seems likely the card will function similar to building cards, This means they reside in a single spot and are typically used for defensive purposes. However, if the marine card does have a long range, it could become one of the first buildings to have offensive capabilities.

What do you think the new legendary character may be? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Clash Royale Teasing a New Legendary Character