Konami isn’t presently held in the highest regard by most people. After canceling Silent Hills, firing Kojima at the tail end of Metal Gear Solid V’s production, adapting long-dormant franchises into pachinko machines, and releasing the sub-par Metal Gear: Survive, it seems like they’ve stumbling in the dark with thin hope that they might eventually find the light switch. Something has to go right at one point.

The announcement and subsequent release of the Konami Arcade Collections seemed like a good start. Bundling a ton of classic games together and making them available on modern platforms, Konami appeared to be far from abandoning the franchises that made it popular. Then Nintendo’s E3 Direct revealed the existence of Contra Rogue Corps, a brand new entry in a series that last saw a release was eight years ago. Could Konami have finally found its way?

I’m sorry to say it, but no, based on what I’ve seen at E3. Maybe things can change in the few months left before release, but while Contra Rogue Corps captures absolutely nothing of what previous Contra games so revered, its main problem is that it’s just not that good.

Contra Rogue Corps' identity crisis isn't its biggest problem screenshot

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Contra Rogue Corps’ identity crisis isn’t its biggest problem