Madness and Radness Abound

Remedy’s Control is coming soon! By summer’s end, we’ll finally get our hands on this bastion of pure madness wrapped in the dried bones of a government job gone wrong. To celebrate this, Remedy has released a fresh batch of new screenshots for you to absorb into your eager, glistening brains.

Remedy Control new screenshots

All the evidence suggests that this is going to be a wild ride indeed. Ever-deepening mysteries? Government conspiracies? Psychic powers? Sign me the heck up. Also the game looks terrific, as made apparent by all of this goodness.

Remedy Control new screenshots


Not only are the visuals wicked crisp, but there’s this heavy ‘office of the 1970’s future’ vibe running through every room. I’m hoping for half-full ashtrays, conversation pits, flickering bulbs, and sinister mystery. If you’re looking for more sweet deets, you can check out our other Control coverage here and here. And also, here. We’re pretty psyched for this game, it seems.

Remedy Control new screenshots

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Control Gets Gobs of New Screenshots