Faster-Paced Than Quantum Break

Fans are still in the dark regarding what they’ll see in Remedy Entertainment’s Control. Thus far, we know the game offers a hard-hitting dose of telekinesis in its action gameplay, but the devs recently clarified how it will be different than their last IP, Quantum Break. Alongside meaningful side-quests, there will be grand boss fights.


Speaking in Official PlayStation Magazine (December 2018, issue 155), Communications Director Thomas Puha said that Control has incorporated feedback from Quantum Break. One of the complaints was that the latter’s gameplay took a bit long to rev up. Control, however, will be faster-paced from the get-go.

“We had a lot of back-and-forth on Quantum Break’s beginning, which was very slow-paced, and had a lot of setting up. Which was very deliberate. [Control] gets to the point a lot faster,” said Puha.


The game may innovate in other ways, too, such as with boss fights. According to Puha, players can expect battles of greater scale than what we saw in the recent Comic-Con demo. They will vary drastically from every other action scene.

“We’re going to go very crazy with actual bosses. When we built the demo I was like okay, the take away for people will be like “That’s a boss fight.” It is and it’s not. They will be a lot bigger-scale and epic than what you saw there. That was kind of to give you sort of a taste.”

But in the end, nothing actually matters if the gameplay doesn’t hook the player. The bread and butter of Control are its unique weapon and telekinesis. As we speak, the developer is hard at work to make sure psychic powers are as impactful as the gun.

“We really wanted to challenge ourselves – let’s make the abilities really impactful, and getting the abilities to feel really good. Like Launch, where you grab objects and throw them – you have to get the physicality right. How does it work when I look at objects, do you have to kind of point at what you pick? – which kind of goes against this being an action-driven game. A lot of work has gone into that. You kind of look around and you see the object that you kind of feel you want, but we should be able to predict that too – and then you grab it and then you get to throw it, and that has to feel right when it impacts the possessed Bureau troops or the Bureau agents you’re gonna fight against, that has to feel really good. People really like shooting guns in games, so we really want to challenge ourselves so that the abilities would give you that same sort of a powerful feeling. We’re still working on it for sure.”

Remesy’s Control will arrive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for additional updates as they come our way.

SOURCE: Wccftech