Expect Remedy’s Control To Have Some Significant Post-Launch Content

The upcoming supernatural third-person shooter Control will have two post-launch expansions with the first expansion possibly releasing sometime this winter, according to a Remedy spokesperson.


“There’s going to be two expansions, and there’s going to be some content in-between the main game and the expansions,” Remedy’s communications director Thomas Puha told VG247 at PAX East 2019.

“But the main concern right now is just getting Control done, make it as good as it can be,” Puha added. “On a high level we know what the expansions are, but we’re really going to get to that once we ship the game.”

According to VG247, the game will also have “multiple free updates”.

“We had a bunch of ideas two-or-three years ago that we can’t execute right now, of course, because there’s a million ideas for the game,” Puha also said. “Hopefully we can revisit some of those in the expansions.”


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Control launches on August 27th for the PC (as an Epic Games Store exclusive), PS4, and Xbox One.


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Control Will Have Two Post-Launch Expansions

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