Despite Rumours, The Math and Logic Games Will Remain Playable When Flash Support Ends

You may remember Coolmath Games from your childhood. If you were born in the early ’90s, the site was an amazing vehicle for escaping the dryness of school. The games are branded as educational, despite many being very debatably included in this category. As a result, restrictive school internets did not prohibit the game, allowing for children to take a break during the long, exhausting days of primary school. Today, Polygon confirms that, despite recent rumors, Coolmath Games will continue after Adobe ends its long-standing flash services

The rumours originate from a since-edited Reddit post, in which user OneHappyPie claimed the site was shutting down at the end of 2020. This is because Adobe has announced they will discontinue providing their Flash support at the end of the year. OneHappyPie claimed that because all the games utilized the service, the games would no longer function properly.

The response to this has been enormous. A petition on has garnered approximately 95,000 signatures in three days protesting the closure. The petition calls on Microsoft, Google, and President Donald Trump to rectify the situation. it is not clear how these entities would be able to affect change.

However, a representative of Coolmath Games has confirmed with Polygon that that website will not be including. The concern that Flash is necessary for running the games turns out to be unfounded. For many years the site has focused on HTML5 games and has converted many of the previous Flash games into HTML5.

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