Crackdown 3 Has Reportedly Had a Troubled Development

Crackdown 3 is making “good progress”, tweeted Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Thursday. The open-world third person shooter is expected to launch on February 28, 2019 for the Xbox One and PC.

Crackdown 3

“I was playing a full build yesterday,” Spencer tweeted. “Nice work by the team, more work to do but good progress, my agent felt like the wrecking machine I enjoy :-)”.

For Crackdown fans, this is good news to hear given the reportedly less-than-ideal conditions of Crackdown 3’s development. According to a Eurogamer report published in July, the developer team was having trouble with “pesky cloud-powered multiplayer, its ‘100 per cent destructible environments’ and exactly who is – and isn’t – working on the game.”

The game has also been delayed twice before eventually receiving its current release date in February of next year.


That said, this is still encouraging news from Spencer and it sounds like Crackdown fans can expect the game to not get delayed yet again.

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