Squads Technical Playtest Starts Tomorrow

Crackdown 3 is getting the much-requested Squads feature for its multiplayer component, Wrecking Zone, Microsoft has announced. A technical playtest is scheduled tomorrow for Xbox Insiders.

With Squads, players will be able to officially team up with friends to face off against other Agents in Wrecking Zone. The playtest will take place on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 from 11:00am – 12:30pm PST / 7:00pm – 8:30pm BST. The 90-minute session might sound a bit short but Microsoft says it’s designed to “maximize the number of players matchmaking on our servers at the same time” and to find any bugs. The focus will be on the Agent Hunter mode.

If you’re an Xbox Insider and would like to test out Squads, there’s a couple of ways to participate. If you’ve already been a part of a previous Technical Test, just make sure your “Wrecking Zone Technical Test” client is up to date. Below are some instructions:

  • Launch the Xbox Insider Hub.
  • Navigate to Insider content > Games > Wrecking Zone Technical Test.
  • Select “See in Store” and install or launch Wrecking Zone from the Store page.

If you’ve never participated before, you can do the following:

  • On your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC, sign in and launch the Xbox Insider Hub app.
  • Navigate to Insider content > Games > Wrecking Zone Technical Test.
  • Select Join.
  • Wait for the registration to complete (Pending will switch to Manage), and you’ll be redirected to the Store where you can install Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone Technical Test.

Crackdown 3


If you’d like to play with friends who aren’t in the Tech Test pool, Xbox Wire has additional instructions on how to invite them to play.

Microsoft didn’t reveal a specific release date for the new feature but we’re expecting an announcement to come down the pipeline not long after.

Are you still enjoying Crackdown 3? Are you looking forward to Squads? Let us know in the comments section located below.


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Crackdown 3 Multiplayer is Getting Squads