Crash Is Back Once Again But This Time He’s In Dreams

A Dreams player named “milbox” has recently made their own Crash Bandicoot levels in Media Molecule’s latest game and they have almost dreamlike level design.

In the first level shown in the video, we see Crash platforming onto giant floating fruit and getting abducted by a UFO after fighting Neo-Cortex. Then a few more levels are shown and feature Crash fighting some rock kitten monsters and giant swamp roaches.

Again, it’s all a bit confusing (if not weird) but the fact that these levels were created with the early access version of Dreams is pretty impressive.


The early access version of the game launched in April and players are already pulling off some skillful recreations of other games such as the unofficial Metal Gear Solid remake. It’ll be interesting to see what players will come up with in the full game launches sometime in the future.


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Crash Bandicoot Recreated In Surreal Dreams Levels