Isaac Clarke and Tiger Woods Same Person After All

There was a time, many years ago, when Dead Space cameos were unusually common. Isaac Clarke ended up in several unusual games, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. When someone online recently referenced this, one of the developers chimed in with some fresh insight.

dead space cameos

It turns out that in some ways, Isaac Clarke and Tiger Woods have a lot in common. According to Dead Space Lead Designer Ben Johnson, “[a]ll these games used the same basic model rig, so adding Isaac was as simple as importing the model. Dead Space’s engine was a branch off of Tiger Woods, which was made in the same studio as Dead Space back then.”


Well, what do you know? It looks like all those Dead Space cameos had a dang good reason behind them, after all! Clarke also made appearances in Skate 3 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. It just goes to show that developer shortcuts have a variety of fabulous uses. I mean, beyond keeping game designers from going crazy from being overworked.


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Crazy Dead Space Cameos Make Perfect Sense Now