Well That Didn’t Take Long

To be precise, the source in question has been spreading this especially unfounded claim for the last month. According to Camelworks, an unnamed (of course) source has informed them that Starfield is “the biggest leap in gaming ever.” Bold words that may or may not have come from a real Bethesda employee.

Oh I’m sorry, we’re you looking for more information than that? Well, too bad! To be fair, this isn’t even information in the traditional sense. What we have here is a hot little piece of hype almost humble in its restraint. If you’re going to pour gasoline on the hype fire, you might as well go big.


Of course Starfield is going to be huge. All indications suggest that this Sci-Fi Bethesda title is going to be next-gen, which at this point is equivalent to casting fortunes with chicken bones. You don’t know what those consoles are going to be like. Hell, there’s probably only a handful of people at Sony and Microsoft that even know. We might as well start saying that Starfield is going to be bigger than Star Citizen, since we currently have no evidence to contradict this claim. We still don’t know a damn thing about this upcoming game, is what I’m saying.


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Crazy Starfield Rumors Already Starting Up