Before The Walking Dead: The Final Season debuts on August 14, you’ll have a chance to revisit your past choices and, if you feel like it, change history. Telltale has whipped up an interactive browser-based Story Builder that lets you create your own ideal save file for the upcoming episodic adventure game.

Seeing some of the major branching paths pop up again is a grim trip down memory lane — especially the ones from Season One. (Lee!) Once you’ve gone through the Story Builder, you’ll be able to link your Telltale account to put your data into the cloud, at which point it’s ready for The Final Season.

It’s wild to think that Clementine’s story is almost over, but I’m ready for Telltale to move on.

Create a save file for The Walking Dead with Telltale's Final Season Story Builder screenshot

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Create a save file for The Walking Dead with Telltale’s Final Season Story Builder