Should We Take His Word for it?

Frank O’Connor is the creative director for Halo Infinite. If anyone is going to be hyped about the game, it’s him. With the exception of O’Connor’s excitement for the game last week, there has not been any big Halo Infinite news for a few weeks. But what did he have to say about it? Well, on January 5th, O’Connor let us know on twitter that he is “extremely happy” with Halo Infinite multiplayer. That’s good news for Halo fans. Is that a reliable source though? He is not exactly going to just invite people off the street to try his game, but of course the creative director is going to be saying good things. He would not tweet “the game’s alright. Halo 3 was better, but it’s not bad.”

Halo Infinite multiplayer

Maybe the tweet was put out to remind us that Halo is still around. O’Connor does preface the tweet saying that he has his own bias and “subjective likes, dislikes, and patterns that not only have nothing to do with how we’re building our next game – some of them are object lessons to our lead designers about what not to do”. Although it is not a ringing endorsement, 343 has put out successful Halo games before, we can trust that they can do it again.

That being said, remember the Master Chief Collection? The multiplayer in that game was famously broken. However, 343 did not just abandon the game, like I thought they might. Instead, they worked to bring it back from the unplayable-brink to an enjoyable experience. This is proof that 343 cares very much about the games they produce and the fans that trust them. It’s all a heartwarming story. Now, we just have to see if their heads are still in the game and if they can whip up a multiplayer experience that will impress old fans and grab new ones.

What say you about the optimistic word of Frank O’Connor? Will you wait to see for yourself, or are you waiting to pre-order Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VGR