Bloodborne’s DLC, The Old Hunters, has a lot of cool and tough boss fights, but the woman sitting at the top of the Astral Clocktower is probably one of the most memorable. Lady Maria, already dead by the time you arrive, grabs your arm and begins a difficult, flashy fight and gives you access to the next part of the DLC.

While looking for Maria and finding her dead might have been director Hidetaka’s Miyzaki’s penchant for ending journeys that way, but it turns out there is more to Lady Maria than what we got.

Lance McDonald, well-known for reinserting cut content from Bloodborne back into the game, has done exactly that for the missing content centered around Lady Maria. You can check out the video below of all the content as it would have been seen in the game.

Basically, the player was supposed to have a conversation with Maria and stood in the way of proceeding further. The player would either have to kill her to go further, at which point she would scold you and begin the boss battle, or allow Simon to kill her, which would result in the body discovery from the final game where she also scolds you for messing with a corpse.

I really liked Lady Maria’s design and the implications of her having the same voice and basically the same outfit as Gehrman’s doll, so I’m a little disappointed they cut that conversation out. I’m really curious why and it would be cool to play a Bloodborne with all this stuff inserted in, just for curiosity’s sake. It does make sense that there was way more to her intended, considering her picture headlines the DLC and the definitive edition of the game, as well as her weapon being hidden behind one of the harder fights in the game.

[Source: Kotaku]

Cut Bloodborne Content Shows More With Lady Maria