Lootboxes to the rescue!

Fallout 76 is in dire need of a hero. Who could save the Wasteland from itself? Well, Bethesda believes they have the answer. The hero they are looking to is… Fallout 76 lootboxes? Big yikes. Is this really what they need right now? Fear not however, this is only speculation; the presence of lootboxes coming to Fallout 76 has not been confirmed at this time.

Fallout 76 lootboxes

According to Redditor despotak, these lootboxes may come to the online game as lunchboxes. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Bethesda has done this before. A previous title of theirs Fallout Shelter had lunchboxes that gave players random outfits, weapons, resources, caps, vault dwellers and pets. If lunchboxes are implemented in Fallout 76, they may yield similar rewards such as armor, weapons, experience boosts, and perks. They would also likely be available to players through the in-game atomic shop by spending atomic points. Completing daily activities and challenges can award players atomic points, but they can also be purchased with real money, not caps.

Let’s talk fallout. Lootboxes have not typically been met without criticism. They have been heavily linked to phrases like “pay to win” because of the bonuses they can provide. In the context of Fallout 76 and the already existing controversy surrounding that game, lootboxes do not sound particularly good. In the future, lootboxes may be an option for Bethesda to explore, but asking players to pour more time and money into the game at this point would be a bad move. The game has experienced bugs of various sizes (and I’m not talking about radroaches), which range from weapon malfunctions to completely uninstalling the game. Bethesda should probably stabilize their game before Fallout 76 lootboxes are implemented, but hey, I’m not a multi-billion dollar company, just a guy that wants playable games.


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Source: YouTube – The Know