The success of Dauntless Suggests Public Desire for Cross-Platform Capability!

In the first 24 hours following Dauntless emerging from its beta phase, an astounding 500,000 players have joined. This is up from the three million players engaged with the game throughout the beta. This is important because it illustrates the desire of the public to engage in cross-platform games.

Dauntless Closed Beta

One of the greatest new innovations that the game brings to the fold is its “One Dauntless” feature. One Dauntless allows online players the ability to play against anyone, regardless of whether they’re playing on the same system. This means that Xbox One players can play PC players, or PS4 players can play Xbox One players and so on.

Players will also have their progression follow their character from device to device. Therefore, if you normally play Dauntless on Xbox One but then visit your friend who has the game on PS4, you can still access your character.

The success of the cross-platform launch could spur other games to follow suit. The ability to play co-op with friends despite different gaming preferences is revolutionary.

How do you feel about cross-platform capability? Do you think it should become a common feature? Let us know in the comments section below!


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