Keeps You Coming Back Week After Week

Earlier this month, Sony Interactive Bend Studio dropped a free content update for Days Gone. This introduced Survival Mode, which to be honest, in a zombie game, sounds like every mode. To Bend’s credit, Survival Mode does sound like a challenging addition to the game. Enemy awareness indicators are removed, the HUD is removed (can be displayed during Survival Vision), Fast Travel is disabled, and the enemies are much tougher. That is not all. Bend has also launched the new Days Gone Challenge Mode. Every Friday, starting yesterday, a new challenge is active for the week.

Days Gone Challenge Mode

In retrospect, Survival Mode’s earlier release seems like an opportunity to train yourself for Challenge Mode. If you did not take advantage, you are at, well, a disadvantage. Each week, a new challenge starts focusing on combat, the bike, or hordes. They will have different rules and scoring modifiers. Other than competing for the top of the leaderboards, why should you take part? Well, doing well in these challenges add nifty patches to your character. Other than looking good, the patches add perks like increased health, more melee damage, better firing accuracy on the bike, and other things. These patches can also affect your main game experience.

Competing also earns players character skins, bike skins, and rings that also modify your character and help you in future challenges, but the rings do not affect the main game like the patches. This week’s challenge is called Surrounded, which is the first horde challenge. The goal is to last as long as possible while racking up kills and headshots. Killing Freakers will add more time to play with. The next challenge starts on Friday, June 5th.

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Source: PlayStation Blog