I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Bloody Murder

I’m pretty sure I make this joke every time Dead By Daylight makes news, but this game just won’t die! Classic. This game might have a mole on the development team. The last survivor to be added, which turned out to be Ash Williams from Evil Dead, was leaked prematurely. The newest Dead By Daylight leaks show that we are in store for a killer from the mid 90s. What’s his name? Scream? Stab? No, it’s Ghostface. The iconic Ghostface mask has quite the story to it. It was based off of another Halloween mask called The Peanut-Eyed Ghost made by Fun World, but the makers of the Scream series altered it to avoid copyright infringement. The Ghostface mask and title are owned by Fun World.

Dead By Daylight Leaks

Like I said, Dead By Daylight might have a problem with leaks. There’s a whole sub-Reddit called LeaksByDaylight. This is where today’s news comes from. A whole bunch of animations of Ghostface were leaked including walking, crouching, idle, and even killing animations. The most interesting animation is called Memento Mori, which vaguely translates to “remember that you will die” or “remember death”. Ghostface takes this as an opportunity to take a selfie with his victim after stabbing them a few times. Not surprisingly, Ghostface will wield a knife. There is an animation where he wipes the knife clean, a gesture taken directly from the Scream movies.


The Dead By Daylight Twitter account teased the new character. It’s unclear if the “lucky players” mentioned are the people who saw the leak or a test group, but it is clear that people know about Ghostface already. Ghostface will be playable in the next update expected to come in June.

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Source: Reddit

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