No Longer a Match Made for Matchmaking

More than a month after launch, Team Ninja’s dedicated fighting game, Dead or Alive 6, is finally getting online lobbies. This means more room for live fun and fewer reasons to get sweaty before a fight.

Dead or Alive 6 DOA6

After multiple delays, Dead or Alive 6 launched on March 1, 2019, without a casual online mode. Instead, players only found online play through ranked matches. This meant that everyone, noobs and hardcore veterans alike, would share the same ring. Now, everyone can partake in fun fights without the risk of losing their place in the skill tree.

In my review of Dead or Alive 6, I had plenty to say about the game’s fighting mechanics, modes, and rewards. Over time—especially now, with the latest update—the game feels like a more rounded experience. Recently, Team Ninja dropped the first of many DLC in the form of the “Happy Wedding Costumes.” There will be many more aesthetic choices down the line. For now, we can relish the opportunity to reach friends through online lobbies.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Dead or Alive 6 Is Finally Getting Online Lobbies

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