Right? That Has To Be What’s Happening Here

Kojima Productions was at SDCC this weekend promoting their upcoming game. Along with some other details, Kojima also revealed the official Death Stranding box art. A cursory examination suggests that this is just in-game assets with the title on top. Bold move or badly chosen artwork?

Death Stranding Box Art

On the one hand, the cover still looks really good. This is a great way of showing off just how advanced and amazing the graphics are for Death Stranding. Reedus is looking so sharp! You almost need a second look to realize this is taken straight from the game! On the other hand, this is still a step down from previous Kojima game artwork.


While this box art doesn’t have the same stylistic punch as say, the art for the Metal Gear Solid series, it’s still gorgeous in its own way. Plus, perhaps this represents a step forward for Kojima and company. After all, they need to come out from under Konami’s looming shadow. Kojima left a massive legacy behind at that company. Every little bit helps, you know? Death Stranding is set for release for PS4 on November 8th, 2019.


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Death Stranding Box Art Uses In-Game Assets