Deep Silver is Very Clear About This

Happy 18th Birthday to our collective anticipation for Shenmue 3! You’re officially a man now. Yes, it’s been almost two decades since the last installment of the Shenmue franchise came out. Even though Shenmue 3 has suffered delays lately, it is still on track to come out this year. With launch day in sight, some dataminers have uncovered details leading to a supposed Shenmue 3 leak of the platforms. According to an image on ResetEra, source code indicated that it would release for the Xbox One. With Xbox One owners winding up for a cheer, Deep Silver quickly stamped that hope out.

Shenmue 3 Leak

Before today, there was no official announcement of whether or not Shemue 3 would be coming to the Xbox One, so the speculation was justified. But like a sack of bricks, Deep Silver dropped their definitive answer on the matter. “There is no planned version of Shenmue III for Xbox One.” Oof. But there might be a surprise version for Xbox One? Like it might be hiding on a developer’s USB stick? Probably not.

Even still, previous Shenmue games have been ported to other consoles after some time. Deep Silver is not saying that there will never be a Xbox One or Nintendo Switch version, just not right now anyway. Shenmue 3 is currently on track for a November 19th release for PS4 and PC.

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Source: Twitter