Of Course, This Should Be Taken With a Grain of Salt… It Is Reddit

Rumors abound regarding the possibility of Grand Theft Auto 6. In April a developer for Rockstar India put on his resume that he had made content for an upcoming GTA6 title. Now another rumor is circling, this time originating from a deleted Reddit post. The Redditor claims that a new Rockstar game will be unveiled during E3 2019.

gta iv

Allegedly, the post was written by someone claiming to work for a company building a website for Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two.

If this post speaks true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Rockstar is making GTA6. The game they could be showing may be something like Bully 2 or the previously announced Agent.

There are lots of reasons not to take this post seriously. First of all, Rockstar tends to release its news outside of E3. Secondly, its Reddit and people lie all the time. Thirdly, the post is deleted, which means whoever wrote it didn’t want to face the scrutiny such a claim would likely invoke.

But who knows?

Do you think that Rockstar may be planning to unveil GTA6 at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments section below.


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