Trials of Osiris was Hugely Popular in the Original Destiny

Destiny 2‘s 2.7.1 patch brought a ton of new files with it, and with those files have come whispers of the return of Trials of Osiris. Destiny data miner Ginsor combed over the files of the recent patch and has found evidence that points to the return of the fan-favourite game mode.

Destiny 3 Leak

The data mine turned up an in-game message that reads ““with the restoration of the Lighthouse complete, Trials of Osiris and more will return in Season of the Worthy.” The Season of the Worthy is the name of the next Destiny 2 season. Currently, the game is still the Season of Dawn. The datamined message is believed to correspond with next week’s quest, “Empyrean Foundation.” The data mine shows that the quest will involve restoring the Lighthouse on Mercury.

The Lighthouse played an important role in Destiny 1’s PvP mode, Trials of Osiris. In this game mode, players would form teams of three and compete against other teams until they accrued either seven wins or three losses. When players lost three times, they would then trade in their trials card for rewards based on the number of wins they got. Players who made it all the way to seven wins would go to the Lighthouse, a unique area in the game only accessible through this method, where they would receive even more in-game rewards.


Destiny 2 once had a game mode entitle Trials of the Nine which was meant to serve the same role as Osiris. The mode was not as well received as its predecessor and was put on indefinite hiatus in August 2018.

Season of the Dawn is set to continue through February. The last listed event is Crimson Days, the Destiny Valentine’s event, which runs from February 11 to February 18. There is no official start date for the next season.

Source: Polygon

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Destiny 2 Data Mine Suggests Trials of Osiris is Coming Back