Try out Bungie’s Looter Shooter for Free

For those of you yet to have played Destiny 2, now might be your best chance to test the waters before the newest expansion comes out in September. Destiny 2 will be free-to-play all weekend, and will allow you to experience the entire campaign.

Destiny 2 f2p

To start playing, you’ll only need a Blizzard account, and the launcher for your desktop, and those are both easy to get.


To start, simply download the installer from the Blizzard website and install it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to make your own account if you haven’t already got one. Once you’re all set, you can install Destiny 2 from the launcher.

The game itself will set you back around 60gb of space, so it may be better to download it sooner rather than later if your download speed isn’t the best. Once you’ve installed it, then the game is yours for the entire weekend. You’ll be free to play through the entire campaign should the mood take you, or jump into some PvP.

Destiny 2 is also on sale at the moment, should you decide you like what you saw and want to keep your Guardian shenanigans going. It’s currently down to $38.99 from $59.99, and the Expansion Pass is also on sale, down to $19.94 from $34.99.

In related news, there has recently been a revealing of 9 new ‘Supers’ for Destiny 2 in the upcoming ‘Forsaken’ Expansion. Destiny 2 has multiple playable classes, and a ‘Super’ is that class’ ultimate ability, often allowing the player to wipe out all nearby enemies without breaking a sweat.

Will you be taking Destiny 2 for a whirl this weekend? Let us know!


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Destiny 2 Is Free to Play over the Weekend