Bungie is ready to give us the full rundown on Destiny 2‘s patch 2.2.2, and it brings some long-awaited fixes with it alongside of an expected Hunter subclass nerf.

The neon sign of the patch is the Hunter spectral blades nerf, which lowers damage reduction while using the super, reduces the duration, and increases light melee cost while it’s active. Spectral blades has been a contentious super for months, with Bungie buffing the class a few months after the Forsaken expansion arrived due to player requests, only to pull it back now also due to requests. Warlocks also get some welcome bug fixes for the voidwalker and stormcaller classes, as well as fixes for multiple items like the Actium War Rig, Vestian Dynasty, and the Wizened Rebuke.

Bungie also fixed (a theme with Destiny) Dreaming City lore problems, patched several quests that weren’t working correctly, and lowered Triumph (in-game achievements of sorts) requirements for Verdant Light: Competitive. Rectifying the latter event was high on the wishlist for a lot of players due to connection problems, and the grindy requirement of “create 200 orbs by defeating Guardians with precision kills in Quickplay, Rumble, and the featured Crucible playlist” is now dropped to a staggeringly low 20 orbs.

It’s very much a primer patch as we head into the next [minor, season pass part three] DLC launch in June.

Destiny 2 Update 2.2.2 [Bungie.net]

Destiny 2's latest update greatly nerfs Hunter spectral blades, fixes numerous bugs screenshot

Destiny 2’s latest update greatly nerfs Hunter spectral blades, fixes numerous bugs