Bungie just updated its playerbase on Destiny 2′s latest happenings by way of their weekly blog post, and on July 17, update 1.2.3 hits. Among other things like PVP updates it’ll finally bring Prestige difficulty to the game’s two raid lairs — World Eater from December 2017 and Spire of Stars from May of this year.

It’s not going to be the same prestige affair either, which would normally be a good thing from many other studios. Bungie is going ahead with their forced loadout system (read: you might need to bring an auto rifle/SMG/sniper during a particular week), as well as modifiers similar to strike or Nightfall modifications (Prism is teased as one of the three inclusions). According to Bungie “the goal of using these modifiers and loadouts is to change the way you engage with Prestige raiding each week” but I’m skeptical.

What’s baffling about all these changes from the perspective of someone who raided three times each week from Vault of Glass through World Eater, is that Bungie is once again fixing something that isn’t broken. By the time Taken King rolled around they already had a winning formula: introduce a raid, a few weeks later implement a hard mode (prestige), then several weeks later put challenges in.

It kept me and many groups playing for months, and now I struggle to even find people to run with in Destiny 2. Taking seven months to make World Eater, which isn’t even a full raid, relevant long term is a strange move unless the vast majority of the Destiny team is dedicated to Destiny 3.

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Destiny 2's World Eater raid lair is finally getting a prestige mode, nearly seven months later screenshot

Destiny 2’s World Eater raid lair is finally getting a prestige mode, nearly seven months later