The time has come and so has Devil May Cry 5, which is releasing in the relatively short future of March. If you’re a big fan of the series, you’re probably anticipating buying the game and maybe also whatever special edition Capcom inevitably puts up with the game. Well, you might not want to commit to that last part quite yet, at least if you’re not independently wealthy and fairly cold.

Capcom has revealed three new special edition bundles for Devil May Cry 5 for sale via Capcom Japan’s store. The three versions are basically extremely expensive jackets you can buy for each of the main characters: Dante’s red duster, Nero’s dark-blue coat, and V’s sleeveless goth dream.

The Dante variation is of course the most expensive, running ¥900,000 or roughly $8000 U.S. No one ever said being stylish is easy or cheap, though you’d think Dante would take better care of his jacket considering how often it gets chopped up or sliced or he himself gets impaled.

For people who don’t have $8000 to spend on a jacket, but do have $6500 (¥750,000), Nero’s new jacket is also an option. Sadly, this does not come with a bunch of replaceable arms, but one of the sleeves is cut off, so if you do have replaceable arms you’re good to go.

Finally, we have V’s vest-jacket. Now you can tell the world “I am probably related to Lady but that’s not confirmed so in the meantime let’s just make Kylo Ren jokes” in one quick ¥600,000 (or roughly $5000) fashion statement.

The jackets are all replicas of the ones Capcom used to scan in to the game using the same technology they used for Resident Evil 7’s photorealistic clothing. That means the Dante coat you buy is identical to what he wears in the game.

This is also not a new thing in general for Capcom, who has become somewhat taken by the idea of the massively expensive special editions. These Devil May Cry 5 bundles come after Capcom’s already announced $700 Resident Evil 2 keyboard, which is still for sale. Maybe you can haggle them down to a price break for all three jackets and the keyboard.

Devil May Cry 5 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Editions Will Keep You Warm But Cost You ,000 For Everything