Filming A Documentary Somewhere Super Scary

Being a voice actor is pretty tough. Although it’s not normally the kind of tough where you’re dodging bullets for your job. It seems that Steve Copeland, the voice behind Devil May Cry V‘s Dante, was filming a documentary in a rather dangerous part of the world. Like, ‘you might get murdered’ kind of dangerous.

Devil May Cry V Bullets

While filming a documentary called Vision of the Ages in Guatemala, Copeland was shot at six times. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Although it seems like that could have very easily gone a different way. The documentary is all about the survival and unification of the species. Ironically, they’re likely hoping to help the species move past things like high rates of gun violence.


There’s no word on whether this mystery gunman was ever apprehended, though it seems prosecution is somewhat unlikely. Guatemala has a crazy high rate of gun violence and crime, which is probably why the documentary was being filmed there in the first place. Copeland posted about the incident online shortly after it occurred. You can check it out here. Devil May Cry V is due out for PC, PS4 and the Xbox One March 8th, 2019.