A Totally Different Approach To Marketing 

For those who are tired of the same old corporatized E3 demos then you should really give Devolver a look. Their conference is beyond bizarre, to put it mildly. It is weird, unorthodox and at some points incredibly violent and bloody. Devolver is definitely pushing the envelope when it comes to their marketing.

Devolver, for the past three years, has held a very strange and wacky conference with the most outrageous things imaginable. This year, for instance, the corporate spokeswoman for the company, Nina Struthers (she isn’t actually a real spokeswoman) rips out the throat of one of her colleagues. Gore and an absurd jet stream of blood pours out of his neck and splatters on to her face and covers her pantsuit in blood.  You have to see it to believe it.

This year’s conference also features a worm-like creature bursting out of the chest of another employee. The worm then starts talking about the video game that he is in which then segues into the new trailer for it. This type of shtick might not be your style but it is surely different from the Microsoft or Bethesda displays at E3. Trying something new and “out there” should be admired and is something that the gaming community likes.


There are only so many cookie-cutter public relations people that big tech companies can haul out every year before the whole thing becomes boring and tiresome. This massive change of pace could be a good thing. it is hard to do the conference justice. So here is a link to the video. You can make your own decision.

It should be mentioned that behind the whole pizzaz of Devolver’s showcase, they were advertising a ton of interesting games which you can read more about here.