In an Effort to Fix Time-to-Kill, DICE Has Broken Firestorm in Battlefield V

Since the release of Battlefield V patch 5.2, the battle royale mode Firestorm has been broken and the community is unimpressed. Almost every primary weapon in the mode was overhauled in patch 5.2 and DICE intended to fix their time-to-kill but now too many bullets are required to down an enemy. In most cases, entire magazines of a weapon are required to take down an opponent, leaving the community befuddled and frustrated. Battlefield V is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and 5.2’s decreases are still being felt in Firestorm.

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Because Firestorm soldiers spawn with 150HP and have access to different armor types as well, some players are living far longer than they should since the recent decreases to weapon damage. They’re able to cheese the mechanics implemented in patch 5.2 by getting each armor tier, adding 50HP per piece of armor to outlive any weapon. This allows new gamers to live and explore the Firestorm battle roayle mode but it has also robbed many experienced gamers of kills they would’ve otherwise gotten prior to the December patch.


Although the struggle to balance Firestorm has been somewhat addressed by DICE on Reddit, a proper fix to the problematic weapon balancing hasn’t been implemented and the game mode hasn’t been reverted to a prior version yet. This mostly concerns close and medium-range combat, but snipers have had their weapons reduced significantly as well. As their second effort to fix the time-to-kill in Firestorm, DICE may have broken the game mode entirely. It’s likely that the frustrated Firestorm players will slowly migrate to the multiplayer modes which are more properly balanced.

Are you a fan of Battlefield V who’s been affected by patch 5.2 in Firestorm? What’s your favorite battle royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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DICE Struggling to Balance Firestorm in Battlefield V