A Tale of Survival That Changes With Players’ Progress

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a new survival horror game from Iceberg Interactive and Lazarus Studio noted for its terrifying preview on itch.io. Unlike its peers, the experience is being developed with an adaptable AI that learns and creates branching paths. Thus, no two playthroughs are the same.

The tale in Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is one of mystery, suspense, and dark pasts. As you roam the town of Saint Rhodes, you attempt to solve the riddle behind your family’s horrific murder. In so doing, you discover a seemingly implausible realm of the supernatural. There is no single trail to follow, however. The story builds on your actions, actions monitored by an artificial intelligence known as The Author. As you step closer toward your goals, The Author adapts and introduces branching paths and different obstacles. In other words, the game goes beyond procedural generation and builds a level based on the player’s exploits.


A glimpse of the player character’s eerie household is available down below. Behold the location of the family murder.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is slated for PC release in 2019. Additional information is available on the game’s Steam page.

Key features

  •  An advanced AI watches your every move and ensures that you never really feel safe
  • True atmospheric horror, enhanced by the beautifully crafted environments of Saint Rhodes
  • Harrowing storyline involving a family with a dark past
  • Terrifying enemies, all requiring a different approach
  • Multiple paths to take and outcomes to experience

SOURCE: Press Release