The tinsel-town folks over at Deadline are reporting that Dontnod’s stealth horror title Vampyr is currently in talks to be adapted into a television series. Fox 21 are optioning the rights, proposing a series produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision, the production company owned by music video and movie director McG.

Vampyr, which launched in June of this year, tells the story of a young doctor, Jonathon Reid, who is cursed with vampirism in Victorian London. The player guides Reid in a bid to remove himself of the affliction, choosing whether or not to murder in order to keep his thirst for blood satiated.

McG himself is attached to the project as director and executive producer. Vampyr is still in early days as a production, so there’s no talk of cast, plot or a release window for the series, but hopefully the gothic overtones and solemn atmosphere of Dontnod’s title will make for an interesting TV show.

Vampr video game optioned for series development [Deadline]

Dontnod's Vampyr is being optioned for a TV adaptation screenshot

Dontnod’s Vampyr is being optioned for a TV adaptation