I’ll admit it: Doom Eternal is not the kind of game I typically play. Don’t get me wrong; I play first-person shooters a ton. But I’m more used to the flavor of shooters that have you ducking behind cover to catch a breath and recover some health or the ones that make numbers appear when you shoot things and if you’re unsuccessful then you just need to find a gun that makes bigger numbers.

Doom Eternal is… not that. It’s fast and it’s frantic, but it’s not random. There is a definite combat flow to follow, but it all goes so quickly you almost need to take your brain out of the equation. When my hands just did what they needed to do because of what my eyes saw, bypassing conscious thought, that’s when I was successful. When I stopped to think and plan, that’s when things would go awry.

Doom Eternal doesn't let you stop to think and that's okay screenshot

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Doom Eternal doesn’t let you stop to think and that’s okay