Winter Update in the Village 

It’s winter time, and that means it’s time to build your village into snowy new lands. Toukana Interactive’s relaxing, village building, strategy game’s, new update is out today. A press release about the update shares all the changes that winter time brings to the village builder. From snowy lands, to polar bears there is a lot to be excited about.

The game, Dorfromantik, revolves around the player constructing an ever growing village landscape. Players must complete quests, discover new tiles, and unlock new lands to progress in the game. Now, developer Toukana Interactive, has released the winter update. Also, with the update came a little teaser trailer.

To illustrate the changes of the update, the trailer shows off the new biome: midwinter tiles. In addition, the trailer also shows off the polar bears that have been introduced with the update. With all of these changes, the update brings even more. Players can now undergo new challenges, play new puzzle scenarios and enjoy better performance. 

On top of all of this, the update also allows players to configure biomes the way they want right in game. There is no need for the players to return to the main menu any longer, they can simply configure their biomes while playing. 

Dorfromantik is currently available on Steam Early Access. It is currently priced at $10.34, a 10% price reduction included due to the winter sale. The game has also been nominated for the best sit back and relax game at the Steam Awards. Are you excited to expand your village into the snow? Be careful, it gets cold, so remember to pack winter clothes. Additionally, watch out for polar bears. 



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Dorfromantik’s Winter Update Slides in Snowy New Content