With the Dragon Ball Super movie coming out in December in Japan, fans have been on pins and needles wondering when they’ll get a chance to see the movie in the west. Thankfully, Funimation has announced that it won’t be too long and plans to bring the movie to North America in January.

Funimation and TOEI are continuing their 22-year Dragon Ball partnership by preparing the movie to have an extremely close release after the Japanese date. They will also be celebrating the movie’s release by having a seven-city tour of Dragon Ball starting at San Diego Comic-Con later this month and introducing a number of key people related to the film.

You can check out the English poster below.

You can also see the movie’s Japanese teaser trailer right here.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be releasing in theaters a year after the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Switch version of the same game will release on September 28.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Coming To North American Theaters In January