A New Quest On Every City Block

The Dragon Quest series is getting its own mobile-AR title for iOS and Android later this year, but it’ll only be available in Japan with no word on a Western release yet.

The game was announced during a Square Enix event in Tokyo, and will operate pretty similarly to Pokemon GO. Players can unlock quests and gather items from real-life landmarks and hotspots, as well as battle monsters from the popular series. A closed beta will kick off on June 11th, which means the full game is probably launching pretty soon. Again, no word on a Western release, but if it does well enough and the demand is high, we might get a little slimey.

Dragon Quest Walk

During the event, series producer Yuu Miyake also referenced the pre-production of Dragon Quest XII, saying “By the way, about Dragon Quest XII, which I’m sure is on everyone’s mind—[Yuji] Horii and I are currently making preparations on series developments that will connect to XII. I think it’s still too early, but we would like announce it in some form, so please wait a little while longer.”

In the meantime, Dragon Quest XI is set to come to the Switch later this year with some new content, and a 3D computer-animated film is in production as well. Until then, Dragon Quest XI is also available on PC and PS4.

SOURCE: Gematsu