Dungeon Defenders Awakened Will Hit PC Before Rolling Out to Other Platforms

Dungeon Defenders Awakened is set to launch in Early Access on Steam on February 21. The game is the third in the Dungeon Defenders franchise produced by Chromatic Games.

The Early Access build will give access to 12 levels and 4 playable characters. More playable characters will be added after the game’s official launch. Like most Early Access games, players can expect the game to be updated regularly to improve the build and implement community feedback.

The release of version 1.0 is expected to happen sometime in the Q2 2020. When Version 1.0 launches, Dungeon Defenders Awakened will be released on Switch as well as PC. The game will later release on PS4 and Xbox One. Chromatic Games has promised cross-save functionality so players can carry their progress over to different platforms.

The story of the game has been laid out in the press release. The antagonist, “The Old Ones” travel back in time to alter the events of the original Dungeon Defenders. The game’s original heroes will team up once more to take on massive hordes of enemies.

The Dungeon Defenders series is a combination of Tower Defense and RPG mechanics. Players choose from four characters with unique abilities and structures they can use and build. Characters level up as they defeat more enemies. The game also places a heavy emphasis on loot, similar to titles like Borderlands.

The new game is not available for preorder on Steam yet, but it can be added to your wishlist.

Source: Press Release

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Dungeon Defenders Awakened Hits Early Access Next Month