Dying Light: Bad Blood is Techland’s approach to blending PvP, PvE, and battle royale elements, creating a unique scramble for resources in an attempt to be the last player standing. I enjoyed the standalone competitive multiplayer title when I played it earlier this year, and now everyone else will have a chance to get their hands on it as it launches on Steam Early Access in September.

The premise of Dying Light: Bad Blood pits 12 players in a large, open map full of zombies. Players must scramble to collect enough blood packets from zombie nests or other players to purchase a ticket on a helicopter. Since there’s only room for one in the chopper, the escape zone often becomes a free-for-all brawl in the final moments as players struggle to be the last one standing.

While it’s in Early Access, the eventual-free-to-play Dying Light: Bad Blood will be playable to anyone who purchases the Founder’s Pack for $19.99. The pack includes in-game currency and exclusive items. One of those exclusive items is the Founder’s Pass, which gives you three legendary skins over the course of the three months following Bad Blood’s entrance into Early Access. During the course of its stint in Early Access, Dying Light: Bad Blood will add free updates including new maps, modes, and in-game items.


Once the game launches in full, Bad Blood is set to be a free-to-play title. Prior to the Early Access launch, players will be able to take part in Global Playtest sessions. The first one will take place on August 25 and 26 for a small number of players. After that, all who registered for the Global Playtest on the official Dying Light: Bad Blood website can play from September 1 and 2.

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Dying Light: Bad Blood Enters Early Access Next Month