Koei Tecmo has announced that Dynasty Warriors 9’s co-op and split-screen patch will be going live tomorrow. As the name suggests, it will bring cooperative multiplayer to the latest installment of the Warriors series.

There is a restriction on the distance each player can be from each other (since this is an open-world game), but both of you will be free to do as you please. As for how the online will work, you can play with your friends or total strangers online. Cross-platform won’t be a thing, so don’t get your hopes up for Xbox One/PS4 shenanigans.

If you’re unsure if Dynasty Warriors 9 is for you, a demo will also be launching on November 1. It will feature co-op play and give you a taste of the main campaign by having three officers available. We don’t know which ones are available, but there are rumblings of allowing users to purchase individual officers for around 200 to 400 yen depending on the length of each scenario. Trophies and achievements won’t be unlockable from the demo version, which mostly makes me confused why you can purchase characters.

Dynasty Warriors 9's co-op patch is coming tomorrow screenshot

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Dynasty Warriors 9’s co-op patch is coming tomorrow